How Ad Extensions Made Me a Better Person

Better person? Probably not, but Adwords is a tricky beast. However, if you take care of the fundamental steps you’ll set yourself up for success. Keep at it and you’ll see ROI in no time! In this article we’re going to talk about a much sexier topic – Ad Extensions.

Ad Extensions allow your ads to “have more real estate” than other ads in the SERP (search engine results page). Remember that big ugly Yellow Pages directory they used to leave on your doorstep? The thing was hundreds to thousands of pages and it listed all the businesses in the area that paid for an ad. Out of all the business listings in the Yellow Pages, which ones stuck out the most and caught your interest?

I’m guessing it was the business whose ad took up half the page, had symbols, BIG BOLD LETTERS and feel “salesy.”

Those big ugly ads and all their bells and whistles are early examples of Ad Extensions.

They serve 1 purpose:

Get you to click on the ad.

There’s no extra charges for Ad Extensions, but you’re charged as you normally would if your ad gets clicked ( Since you only have 2-5 seconds to get your ad clicked you need to use every available tactic and tool Google allows.

In case you’re still not sure what Ad Extensions are, here’s a quick overview of a few of them:

App Extensions

This is an example of an app extension

Call Extensions

An example of an ad with a call extension

Location Extensions


Review Extensions


Sitelink Extensions


What Ad Extensions Should You Use?

The best Ad Extensions are the ones that do 2 things:

  1. Get Clicked
  2. Generate a Lead

In my experience working exclusively with performers, entertainers, variety artists, speakers and bands, there’s 3 Ad Extensions you should start using immediately.

The Ad Extensions I recommend to my clients are:

  • Call Extensions
  • Review Extensions
  • Sitelink Extensions

​The other Ad Extensions are really cool and useful for other business types, but since we’re service professionals an App Extension isn’t going to be useful (unless we have an app). A Location Extension probably won’t work unless you have an actual office that people can visit, or Ken Dyne (cough).

My favorite out of all the extensions is the Call Extension because it is an immediate call to action that tells the user exactly what to do.

Imagine if your plumbing burst and there’s a massive pool of water in your kitchen. What’s your first move? Call a f#@king plumber, right?!

So you open your phone (because it’s always in your pocket), go to and search for “emergency plumber.” Top result is an ad that mentions your house becoming Noah’s Ark and they work 24/7. There’s even a handly “CALL” button which you press. 15 minutes later the plumber is at the door.

The other Ad Extension I like is the Review Extension. If I was forced to put all my eggs in one basket and choose a single SEO ranking factor that would make the biggest dent in my website’s organic rankings it would be Reviews.

Review websites are so popular because they give users a glimpse into how it actually is to work with your company. Think about the last time you bought anything – you read a review. I don’t care if it’s a windshield wiper or the latest and greatest trick – You read reviews all the time!

Google knows that and since their goal is to keep users using their products (Gmail, Drive, Google Search, etc.) they ONLY want to present the best experience for searchers. They determine what the best content is for searchers by a number of different factors, but one of the biggest ones is social proof – How popular is your website?

Are people talking about your website on Facebook, writing comments on your Facebook page, retweeting your latest blog post, mentioning you on LinkedIn, watching your YouTube videos and commenting on them?

Google notices and it affects your organic search rankings AND your Ads.

Now with Review Extensions you can have your 5 star reviews show up in your ads. Take a look and decide for yourself which ad stands out more:

It’s the one with the stars, right?

As I wrap up here I want to encourage you to go explore the Ad Extensions you can use and get creative with how you use them. I’ve seen some pretty incredible things extensions can do that will make your ad pop better than that sequence vest at the back of your closet.

And as always, please feel free to reach out and ask me anything via email or on social.

Below are some helpful links. I’ve shortened the urls so you can actually type them in 🙂

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