Email Marketing Hack (and it's FREE!)

Do you want to know 1 single tip you can use right away to help your email marketing campaigns?

I recently sent an email to my list letting them know what projects I have in the works and I received a huge amount of people joining the wait list (2,769 and counting).

Then something interesting happened that I didn’t really expect:

While the email I sent was designed to gather optins, something else caught me completely off guard and I had to drop everything and share this lesson with you so you can try it out.

In the email I added a “PS.”

We are all told by the experts that a PS in your emails work so I wanted to make my own little test and see what would happen.

Here’s a screenshot:

email marketing hack

The goal? Schedule 2 consulting sessions with new clients. They get custom/expert advice and direction and I make a little money.

Here’s where it gets interesting:

After I sent the email I didn’t think anyone would read the PS. I was shocked to open my email and see over 300 emails requesting the discounted consulting session!

I almost fell off my chair.

Truthfully I didn’t really think a PS would work. Now that I know they do I will be sure to get creative with them and test them out and I encourage you to do the same – you might be surprised with your results.

Want a bonus hack?

Part of my email signature is a photo, basic contact info, my credentials and a link to my About page with link text “Click here to read my story.”

I started adding this footer section to my emails and discovered that the 2nd most clicked link is the “read my story” link.

Here’s how I can monetize this:

Those who click on the link can be segmented and sent targeted emails based on the fact that they want to learn more about me and my services.

It’s safe to assume if they want to learn about me they probably want to inquire about my SEO or PPC services, right?

Next time you’re sending an email try throwing in a PS and see what kind of results you get, you might be surprised.

Oh, and be sure to think about updating your email footer.

Over to you… what’s the most creative idea you can come up with for a PS for your emails? Comment below and let me know…