PPC for Entertainers, Musicians and Variety Artists

Are You Sick of Reading Countless Blogs and Useless “Help” Articles Trying to Make Sense of PPC?

You have a great website and even better shows, but no leads – what do you do?

Now is the time to drive targeted traffic to your website and book more gigs than ever before!

If customers can’t find your business you’re sunk! It’s sad, but true. Most performers don’t get the traffic and sales they need to survive. They have to keep working that dreaded “day job.”

I’m on a crusade to work with entertainers who want to:

  1. Get found online!
  2. Control their own destiny (and sales)!
  3. Increase their revenues!
  4. Book more gigs than ever before!

My PPC Management Services (pay per click or Google Adwords) is your competitive advantage for generating the traffic you deserve and booking the gigs you want.

If you wished you never had to look at a keyword spreadsheet or agonize over CPCs you’re not alone.

In fact, everyone hits these challenges and panic.

Some even throw more money at their Adwords account wishing the problem would go away… but it never does.

It just gets worse.

Get Your Show Found

You know that advertising works, you just don’t know how to do it online or with Adwords. You’re worried about spending too much too quickly and never receiving your ROI. The beauty of PPC is that your ads only show when you want them to show. This means you only pay when your ad is clicked.

When someone has an event and needs entertainment they find you!

The hard part is:

Knowing how to get your ad clicked, converting the visitor to a customer, and booking the gig!

Control Your Destiny

When you advertise online you’re no longer an “algorithm change” away from being on the last page of the search engines. You get to turn on the faucet and sleep easy at night knowing that your PPC game plan is working while you’re catching some zzzzzzz’s.

You’re the true Master of Your Own Domain.

Have an upcoming show and want more ticket sales? Turn on PPC and watch the leads and sales roll in.

Navigating PPC is like walking in a war zone and trying to NOT step on a landmine. It’s tough. It’s complicated. And people lose their shirts.

The good news:

When you have an expert in your corner handling all the details you’ll dominate your competitors while keeping your CPCs low, CTR high and leads pouring in.

Is PPC For You?

PPC may not be right for you, but:

  • Do your customers search online for your type of entertainment?
  • Do you want to recapture lost website visitors?
  • Do you want to get your act or band in front of customers at the exact moment they’re searching for you?

If you answered, “YES,” to any of those questions, I’ve got good news:

PPC is right for you!

Compete u0026amp; Dominate

Competing to play is boring. You’re just another nameless, faceless performer in a sea of competition. High costs per click, low-quality leads, and hardly any sales.

Is that what you want? Of course not!

I not only help you compete, I help you DOMINATE your market and EXPLODE your sales.

I’ve been managing and consulting for all types of PPC accounts from ecommerce to hypnotists and I want to help you with your PPC account.