Chris Guess

I had been spending countless hours in front of my computer working on the first page of my website. I was frustrated and exhausted and didn’t think I would ever get a quality website up and running. Then I contacted Josh London. We talked about what I do, how I wanted the site to be, and he got on it. In no time, my site was up and running, and look great.

For me, I needed a website so I could connect with people and share about what we do. A great website helps add credibility to any business. And that is just what I got with Josh London – a great website that people love! The only thing I wish I would have done differently is calling Josh sooner.

Hello everyone, this is Charles Peachock. I own Audio Ape Remote Inc., Josh London and his wonderful company help me set up my website, my ecommerce site, which I knew nothing about. His extensive, EXTENSIVE knowledge of the latest plugins you can use and how to build a really clean and great experience for your customers. He converts just like the title says, Click, Convert, Profit!

And that’s how it’s been with him. When you’re working together, he really wouldn’t stop until really I was a 110% satisfied with everything. He just kept working on the site until it was a 100%, exactly where we both wanted it. Has a good eye for aesthetics also on the site so I often deferred to his expertise so when people visit my site, people who know website design, people remark the ease of use, the slickness of it and on the backend, things are really easy for me too. So I can’t say enough if you’re thinking about website design especially ecommerce, Josh London is your guy. This is Charles Peachock, take care!

Chris Ruggiero

$1950 Gig Booked in 1st Month!

Chris Ruggiero is a magician, juggler and star of his one man variety show. He came to me in October 2015 and within the first 30 days our Google Adwords campaign brought him a $1,950 gig!

Starting From Scratch

Mike Toy is a San Francisco, CA based magician, speaker, and MC. He needed a visual identity that would cater to the higher-end clientele he’s acustomed to working for.

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Mike Toy

Mike Toy had a number of projects with Click Convert Profit ranging from Google Adwords, SEO, 3 Website Designs, and Email Marketing.

Listen for the sushi story…

What was your biggest fear before hiring Josh and Click Convert Profit?

The biggest fear is not getting a return on investment. Many years ago I paid this SEO guy to work for me and he didn’t get any results. It helps to track where someone started and show how he went up the ranks.

What, specifically, was your favorite part of your experience, and why?

My favorite part was having sushi. Just kidding. I love seeing projects I’ve always wanted to do but don’t get around to it like my quotes project.

Would you recommend Josh and Click Convert Profit?

Yes! Josh is on top of his game and nobody will go to bat for you harder than he.


“I started working with SEO guru Josh London. This gentleman is friendly, professional, and easy to work with. Do yourself a favor and avail yourself to his services. I think this is going to be one of my smartest moves in 2015.” –Mike T. Magician

“Working with you was amazing!” Brett Bolich

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