How to Use Word Swag

I love apps just as much as you do, especially apps that help me be more productive, achieve more in less time and make me look awesome. Word Swag app is the tool I use constantly to help me be awesome (and productive).

In this post I’ll show you how I use Word Swag App to help me grow my Twitter followers and engage more on Facebook and look better than my competition.


First, here’s what Word Swag App is according to their website:

“Add awesome text to your photos in seconds.”

Sound pretty simple, right?

While Word Swag does add text to your photos you can also use it as a powerful “Photoshop” tool that fits in your pocket.

That’s exactly how I use it, let me explain.

I have multiple Twitter profiles (@JoshLondonPPC, @JoshLondonMagic, @SanDiegoMagic) for my consulting company and magic websites.

Before Word Swag I would get a new follower and just reply to them “Thanks for following!” and that was it.

Now with Word Swag, when I gain a new follower they get a picture thanking them for following me or even when they Retweet me:

How to Use Word Swag App and Review

So instead of a boring, “thanks for following” or “thanks for the RT” tweet my new followers get a picture with a thank you.

We all now that a picture on Twitter or Facebook is much better than no picture and I’ll tell you what, this social media marketing technique gets noticed.

After I tweet these pictures created with Word Swag I get loads of replies and engaging conversations from my few found followers and now friends.

Word Swag app is $2.99 and for a few more dollars you can open new fonts, but I haven’t had a need to do that.

I want something that I can use anytime anywhere that will help me stand out from the crowded world of social media.

As a magician, here’s how I use Word Swag:

After a show I will take a photo or have someone at the party take a photo.

After the show is over and I’m literally sitting in my car waiting for the next magic show I take 20 seconds and create a brand new photo using Word Swag that has simple text laid over the photo:

How to Use Word Swag App and Review

Then I upload this new “Word Swag” photo to my Facebook and Twitter and I’m done!

It’s really that simple.

Simple fixes, but the simplicity in the photos work. My clients and fans tell me everyday that the photos are so cool and ask how I did it.

Things to keep in mind with Word Swag

First, always be on the look out for new photo opportunities and even funnier text you can add to the photo.

Here’s an example of a photo I’ve been using when people Retweet my Tweets:

funny twitter image

I’m showing my age by using this photo, but I think it’s really funny and it shows the human side of my business.

Second thing to keep in mind is to keep your Word Swag photos on your phone and you can even create an album of “go to” photos for whatever you might encounter.

Have a new follower? Send them this picture.

Have a RT, send them this.

You can create dozens of different photos and cycle them in and out and get a nice rotation and variety with your Tweets and posts.

Third, Word Swag in no way will replace Photoshop or other desktop photo editing software you might use.

Word Swag is to be used while you’re on the move. Save the detail work for your designer or at the office.

Overall, I think for $2.99 Word Swag has treated me and my business well and has served its purpose in helping me become more noticeable in an increasingly noisy world.

Anything we can do to stand out helps and I highly recommend Word Swag!

What are some ways you can use Word Swag for your business? Comment below and even share a photo you’ve used with Word Swag…